Playroom with kids


Nutritional Policy

At Kids Connection Yorkton we encourage all children to partake in healthy eating. We kindly ask that treats are left at home. We also ask that foods that are sent in your child’s lunch kit not be sent if the first or second ingredient is sugar. Healthy eating provides great energy for growing bodies and helps children keep up with our busy day at Yorkton.


Below are lists of items we encourage you to send as snacks or lunch:

• Cheese
• Milk 
• Yogurt
• Cottage cheese

• Sandwiches
• Bagels 
• Wraps
• Crackers

Fruit & Veggies:
• Carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers
• Apples, oranges, bananas, berries, melons 
• Grapes (please cut in half)

• Tuna
• hard boiled eggs 
• Tofu


PlayroomEmergency Plan...

In the event of a fire or a community disaster children will be evacuated from the center immediately. The staff and children will meet in the far end of the yard in the case of a fire.

If a community disaster happens the staff will bring the children to the Southwood Retirement Living Center on Yorkton Avenue.  Parents can pick up their children there.

Staff will always insure the safety and well being of children in their care in any emergency situation.

Fire and Emergency Plan drills are held at Kid’s Connection to help prepare children if any emergency situation occurs.  Fire escape routes are also posted by our front and back doors.  We ask parents to review these plans to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation.

Smoking Policy…

At Kid’s Connection we have a smoke-free environment in order to insure the health of the children at our center. Staff and parents are asked not to smoke in the center or on the grounds.  We also ask that you discard your cigarette before entering the grounds.

Waitlist Policy (Wiltse)...

Kids Connection does registrations for September in May for our Wiltse Programs.

1. We give the current families the first chance to register the child or children who already attending our Programs.
2. Any available spaces after step 1 are offered to siblings
3. Any available spaces after step 2 are offered to families on the waitlist.

Children can be added to the waitlist throughout the school year by sending us an email. Each family will be numbered in order and if any spaces become available throughout the school year (September to June), the above steps will be taken.

Waitlist Policy (Yorkton)...

We accept registrations as spaces become available. First choice is given to siblings already attending the program.

Screen Time Policy

All licensed child care programs must limit screen time (TV, computer, electronic games) to 30 minutes or less a day.  At Kids Connection Yorkton we abide by this by only offering a movie on special days, where parents will be notified ahead of time it will never be shown for a longer time than 30mins, and generally will be theme based. Screen time is not offered to children under two years of age.


Parents Handbook

Click HERE to view the Yorkton Parents Handbook as a pdf file. (Must have Adobe Reader)