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Profile - Darcy LaRosee - Manager – Wiltse Kids Connection…

Monica Schreiber
‘Ms Darcy’ has been working at a preschool and daycare program in Oliver for the past 8 years.  She began as an Early Childhood Assistant and worked while obtaining her full Early Childhood Educator status and then was the manager for the past 3 years.   She is a life long learner and enjoyed the challenge and new experiences that going back to school brought. 

Darcy has recently moved to Penticton with her husband and step- daughter, two dogs, her cat and a Betta Fish.  She is looking forward to creating new experiences at Kids Connection at Wiltse.  Everyone knows Darcy as “Ms Darcy” and that she loves glitter and her favorite color is pink!!  She loves to garden in her down time and enjoys walks with her dogs.